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Fairy Sprinkles with hidden ring 1500 grams +

Fairy Sprinkles with hidden ring 1500 grams +
A huge bag of fairy sprinkles . Sprinkle the powder and then add the colour bombs, then lay back and let the oils moisturise your skin. This bag is huge weighing in at 1500 + grams, so lots of baths .
Inside the bag is a hidden ring ,so check as you pour into your bath. Please check bath water before putting young ones so they don’t swallow the ring. Always rinse bath after use ,
Fairy sprinkles with hidden ring
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bicarbonate soda, Cirtic Acid, Cream of Tarta, slsa (very mild surfactant) not sls or sls, mica, fragrance, polysorbate, Hemp Seed Oil, Make sure you always rinse your bath after using the fair Sprinkles, it has been made to not stain you or your bath but each surface is different , so rinse and then you won't have any troubles. 1 hidden ring.

You can use as little or use a lot ,for kids use a few chunks and a little powder for long baths for adults sprinkle and then use more chunks to give you a nice colours bath while you soak.