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Our Range

  • Bath Bombs
    Bath bombs are great ,they make your skin soft and they smell great. These fizz, spin and fill your tub with beautiful colour and scent. Each one produces a different pattern but each has a embed that will show other colours. These do not stain the bath but make sure you rinse the tub out after you get out.
    Pamper your body, lotions oils even deodorant, shampoo and conditioner bars and more. I also have a range of Mumby's underwear for plus size, I found when shopping that all the bands were great in width but cut the bottom in half or rode up when walking and most even gave you tummy legs where your tummy extends through the leg hole. That’s why I have created these Mumby's <they cover your bottom and sit nicely around your legs and they keep everything in place. This from a customer I was lucky enough to win a shampoo and conditioner and hemp hand lotion. Amazed at how soft and shiny my hair is. It is quite honestly looking the best it has for a long time... even with lockdown hair growth. And the lotion has the most gorgeous smell. Thank you so much. Highly recommend x Body oil for your dry skin or a nice massage, Hemp body lotion is so silky, your skin will love you. This lotion can be used all over. Bubble in a bag is great for young and not so young , it comes with a bag you fill and pop in the bath. Like a flat bath bomb, it foams and fizzes and smells divine. The hemp salve can be used by everyone in the house , great for baby bums or itchy dry skin scratches or just to give a but of moisture to your skin.
  • Mumby Underwear
    Mumby underwear are here and they are so comfortable and stylish ,made from beautiful high quality cotton (95% cotton 5% spandex) . The fabric is 4 way stretch so it moves with your body ,they cover your bottom and the plus size ones don’t give you belly legs. They have an enclosed gusset which can be as bright or pain as you like it to be. These can be custom made for you in a range of stunning prints or there is some pre made. Please note custom made underwear may take 3 days before being ready for courier,I do try to get to each order quickly but some times it will take the whole 3 days. Sizes available are from small to 5xl 10-26 and come in normal and high rise. Find measurement chart here
    fantastic shaving gel that creates solid foam when used with a shaving brush or can be used without brush by taking a small amount into palm, add some hot water and rub palms together, then apply over your face. Hemp Salve helps with rashes from shaving or can be used on itchy face and body, great for scratches .
    Hyaluronic Acid with Kakadu Plum extract and lavender hydrosol. Kakadu plum has the highest vitamin c out of all plant based ingredients and hyaluronic acid is an excellent humectant it can hold 600 times it weight in water and lavender hydrosol is calming on your skin. This is so good for your face and neck, and with all my products a little goes along way. Hemp and meadowfoam oil cleanser takes away all the dirt and make up from your day. This product does not leave your face oily and will not clog your pores. It's a great make up remover or use as a daily face cleanser. It feels so silky on your face as you are cleansing and washes away leaving your face soft and clean. Meadowfoam face serum is packed with skin loving ingredients like organic Hemp evening primrose, Abyssinian oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rose hip oil, tsubaki oil, meadowfoam oil, kukui oil and a few more skin loving oils. The Bomb beard oil helps with beard dandruff by giving the skin beneath the beard some all day moisture and it helps control the stray hairs that wont lay flat. This smells awesome . Hemp salve. Organic bee wax and organichemp seed oil , use on dry patches , apply thinly to acne scars or scratches. Can be used all over your body, also safe for babies bottom .
  • Artisan Soap
    Beautiful handcrafted soaps that you will love to use and look at.
  • Carry All Wallets
    These wallets are the best , fits all your cards with 12 card slots and plenary of note pockets and features a centre pocket to fit smaller sized phones with a zipped coin purse. These measure 8 inches across and approx 5 inches high when closed. These can be hand washed and last for a long time.
  • R18
    This page is for anyone over 18 . Here you will find bath bombs and soap with a difference. You are able to send these anonymous or buy for a hens night or just because.
  • Stone Soap Dish plus free soap
    These beauty’s are made from Southland river rocks, hand picked for their uniqueness. Each stone is washed and studied to give your soap dish a one of a kind look. These are all handmade by me . These have a rim around the bottom to lift it of your basin and the rocks are placed so your soap drains making it last longer.