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  • Hemp Salve  60g
    Do, you have dry patches sore cracked hands? This Hemp Salve is great and can be used from top to toe. This Hemp Salve has been made using organic Hemp and organic Bee Wax . Both are skin loving ingredients and no nasties so if the kids accidentally get into it there is no need to worry as there is nothing to hurt them.
    NZ$ 25.00
    Don't want to use a brush apply a small amount to your Palm ,then rub together with a small bit of hot water ,rub hands together then rub the area you want to shave. Rinse well . You only need a small amount (thumb nail size ) if you want to use a shaving brush place a small amount into a mug use hot water and load your brush till the foam is thick and shiny.. This is a unisex shave soap . Scent is essential oils orange,lime Ylang Ylang clove bud,patchouli,fur needle
    NZ$ 25.00