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Mumby's underwear

Mumby's underwear
Normally I wear a well-known brand and I was so excited that they brought out a plus size, I raced out and brought them, here is where the story starts. Underwear designers don't normally go up to a 26-28 in their undy range but when they do they seem to forget most plus-size people need more fabric in height, not width. A lot of plus size ladies end up with what I call belly legs, this is when you pull your knickers up and your belly pokes out the leg hole because there is not enough fabric to cover the front, this can cause a rash where the skin on skin rubs because the underwear does hug your thigh groin area. This is when I decided that we don't have to have belly legs or have your undies crawl up your bottom. Mumby's cover your bottom and they don't let your tummy poke out your leg hole, they are super comfy, they are made from great quality fabric all with 4-way stretch. These can be custom made to fit you and you can have elastic instead of a fabric band. I love these undies 😊
from my customers ★★★★★
Great undies
Really like my undies. Love the fit and the fabric. They look so pretty. The soap is amazing too
Posted: 2020-08-28 by Tarsha Randle
They just fit so nicely! I like that they sit under my bum! Made to order in my size and colour... just awesome! Sonya’s service was kind and caring and prompt!
Posted: 2020-08-23 by Happy customer

Posted: Tuesday 1 September 2020