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Q & A

Can I come and shop at your address 

sure just text or ring me to arrange a time 0272077805

How long will my order take to arrive

while most orders will be packed and sent the same day sometimes it will be the next working day for pre made, if it's a custom order please allow 3 working days before it is sent. 

Who makes your products

All products are made by me (sonya ) in my studiio . Each product is hand poured or handcrafted with my own 2 hands, If I haven't made it I won't sell it except the dish brushes :) I am also the only one that packs your orders

Whats in your products 

please read the what I use page . Most of my products contain plant derived ingredients but sometimes nature doesn't provide the right ingredient, I do a comprehensive study on all my ingredients so you get the best product. If you have allergies please use the contact me form so I can make one without the allergin in it if possible .

Will your bath bombs stain my bath

No but it's always best to rinse your bath as the water is going out. they will not stain skin and are safe for children and adults.

How do I use a merino soap

Hold your soap under warm water and squeeze the water into the merino, once wet start rubbing the sides untill you see some suds , then wash your face and hands . Squeeze excess water out and leave to dry . 

Do you make products in bulk 

No I make in small batches sometimes only enough for each orders so you get the freshest product.

Due to covert19 all orders are wiped before going into the packaging but it will have many hands touching it on it's way to you, once it arrives either leave for a few days or wipe the outside down .

What do you use for packaging

I use recycled boxes from the parcels that have been delivered to me, I try to use cardboard for wrapping but sometimes I need to use bubble wrap and courier bags. I am currently getting compostable bags which will be used once all old stock has been used. If you do not want recycled cardboard please use the note section to let me no. 

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